Sunday, 29 May 2011

National quilting day and boobs

My secret project is fighting me so I am looking for a distraction and look what I found!

Would anyone like to have a boob making session with me? Who doesn't know someone affected by breast cancer?

I lost my Gran when I was 16, My Dad, in 2001 was one of about 300 men a year diagnosed with breast cancer at about the same time as my Godmother, sadly she did not recover as my Dad did so this cause and raising of awareness is very dear to my heart.

It is national quilting day on the 4th June, if and it is a big IF the weather is fine would anyone like to have a meet up in the park, say 2pm or Blooms coffee shop if the weather is wet. It would be an opportunity to look at my Dear Jane blocks again. Who am I kidding, ice cream in the park or tea and cake at Blooms amd chatting to other quilters.

Unfortunately I need to go shopping (I hate shopping) for a new bigger handbag as I need to make room for these

I have known for some time I needed them but have been putting it off. Now I realise what I have been missing and why headaches have become a feature of my life.

Mr Chaos and Maser Chaos number 1 literally cried with laughter at the thought of me being the sort of old lady that has her glasses round her neck, dangling on a string and spends all morning looking for them. I failed to see the funny side especially when I could not find them at bed time and they were on the top of my head!

Till next time



Nik said...

which park?

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Congrats on the new glasses and welcome to the club! I've been "an old lady" with glasses for years! LOL

Lynda said...

I started wearing glasses in my 40s and now have varifocals. I don't care how much I look like an old lady, I want to see EVERYTHING!