Monday, 26 September 2011

A Quilty kind of week

On Wednesday evening Lutterworth Piecemakers enjoyed a talk / discussion with Barbara Weeks and the following day we had a workshop. I have done a bit of felting before, this was the mornings activity, but not really done any silk painting and this was covered in the afternoon. I love it when a tutor goes round a room admiring students work and then stands in front of you and Hmmm's.

I probably should have gone home after lunch, or perhaps even before because it was me who put the chairs and tables outside to enjoy the warm weather and then the sun went in!

I just don't get painting, the more paint I put on the more dilute the red paint looked , then she said dark colours were achieved by drying and layering paint. I had already mentally given up by then. I still went home reasonably pleased with my little bit of felt but mostly the joy was the company of the other ladies, you know who you are. X

On Friday I went to Weedon to St Peters Church to a quilt show with Jane where she tried out her new camera. I have to say lighting in this church is not brilliant but it is a pretty and clearly very old church. I don't think the middle of the quilt is the best place for a quilt label but the quilts were nicely displayed over the pews. We had to stop off for a little retail therapy in two shops on the way home and thank you Jane for help choosing the purple, it looks great.

In case you can't recognise her this is Mary Maine, she was speaker at Rocheberrie Schoolhouse Quilters on Saturday and this is the quilt which made me do a double take, the quilting lines are on the diagional and it has a distorting effect on the piecing, very clever. She was a very good speaker but for me the best bit was when she introduced her last piece which I had seen at festival, it was of ladies at a quilt show she said she had taken pictures at a previous show to use and one of the ladies that made it into Marys work was our own Mo who was in the room. Very funny I do hope Mo was pleased.

I was able to return most of the block swaps and got lots of signatures for the group quilt and I really enjoyed a chat and a giggle with Sylvia and Chris and Marie and Jan.

The next event, I think, will be Lutterworth Piecemakers Exhibition. I have no idea what to show if at all but I will be helping out on both afternoons so I hope to see lots of visitors.

Till next time Liz X

Thursday, 22 September 2011

I got to get me one of these
I think I will be ordering one of these, when I tried to explain to someone today she said
"Do you mean a quilters version of the calender girls?" Exactly!
And the profits go to support a family who have a member with a brain tumour, a win, win situation.