Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Secret project BQL challenge, a Koi Quilt

I have been busy but unable to blog about this not so little quilt. I found the center panel and some co-ordinating fabrics at my local quilt shop and had to have it as it features koi and Mr Chaos is a serious Koi keeper, but they didn't have the border fabric but after quite a lot of phoning round I eventually got hold of some.

I made it as a gift for my hisband and to display at the East Midlands Koi Club Winter Show. Yes they really do bag up enormous fish and transport them in containers to an event and place them in a vat for judging and display for the weekend. We came home with 5 rosettes and 3 trophies, as I said he is pretty serious.

The BQL challenge for February was to make a quilt to exhibit but it didn't stipulate it had to be a quilt show, so I made and showed in the same month.

I hadn't told Mr Chaos that I had made it and managed to get it on display in the conference center without him knowing, much to the amusement of his friends. It was Saturday morning when I was passing and he was stood near it talking to a friend.

Mr Chaos "Hey Liz have you seen this?"

Me " Yes Dear."

Mr Chaos Long pause for thought and then a big grin.

"Is it Yours?"

Me "No Dear it is yours!" I got a big hug and a kiss. It was great fun but I doubt I could decieve him in the same way again.

He was the last to know but thank goodness he likes it.
Soon there will be a completed Linus quilt to show Till next time Liz X

Monday, 1 February 2010

A cot quilt finished

When I took this really really poor photo I had not yet done the binding but I promise it is done and the quilt has now gone to a new home. I wish I could take better pictures with my camera the colours are not at all like that and it is really disapointing. For quilting I have done a meandering stitch all over which I am quite pleased with and will use again, possibly on a Quilt for a Hero I have offered to quilt for a friend who has pieced a top but doesn't want to tackle the quilting, Hello Mo if you are reading.

I have also been asked to quilt another friends quilt for her as she has wrinkle on the back problems, although if I was smarter I would help her achieve a better finish for herself, so I shall have to ponder on that one for a while.

BQL challenge this month is a quilt to exhibit which I shall not be doing again so I shall quilt for other people instead.

I heard we are now half way through winter so I am looking forward to better weather soon. Till next time Liz X