Sunday, 19 December 2010

Last Post

This is the last post with pictures from my old camera, father christmas came early with this little beauty, as my husband said I will have some exciting pictures to take soon.

This is my last post as a lady with long hair. My ponytail will be making it's way to a wigmaker in Banbury.
I have been thinking of doing this for some time now obviously prompted by my dad's hair loss after just one dose of chemo, the night before I was having last minute nerves about doing it but when out shopping saw a relatively young woman in a wheelchair totally without hair. Whoever she is I wish her all the best and I admire her strength tremendously. It made my decision to go ahead really easy. I posted on Facebook about what I planned to do and several friends have been prompted to do the same, so well done them.

Just a quick post but quilt related post next time. Liz

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Woven Ribbons

This is the quilt that is on our bed now. Actually it is the photo from the web because I don't seem to have a photo in my files.
I had a belated birthday gift from Dad, it is a kit from Jinny Beyer. 150 different fabrics a border print and some black (actually mine has a different fabric border I think) during half term I sat with him and did all the cutting out and labeling, my organised file with poly pockets was bulging!
I was going through a faze of waking up very early in the mornings so not wishing to wake the whole house, I sewed.
Although those pieces are only something like 4 x 1 inch when sewn, they did come together relatively quickly. I have only quickly quilted in the ditch but may go back and do more at a later date.
I was able to sit and stitch the binding down when Dad was in Myton Hospice so he was able to see it completed, as did the nurses who all commented on it and the quilt he had taken in with him. I think I will be making a quilt for them to raffle at christmas.
Do you have lists of things you would like to do, sort of personal challenges, quilt patterns or tecqunique to try? I do, I wanted to move away from my usual plain border, well I have done that now. I would not be in a huge hurry to do it again, it was tricky and it is not perfect but given the circumstances it will do.
I have always wanted to do a feathered star and I eventually found a pattern and made it up and don't know what to do with it now but I will show it next time.

Hoping that my grotty cold and the rotten weather will both be gone soon.
Till next time Liz X

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Quilts for Dexter and Sylvia

A friend got in touch and announced she was to be a Granny, her daughter was expecting twins. Could I help her make a couple of quilts? I didn't have to think too long about it I was glad to help.
We mulled over a few ideas before she decided to do a couple of Bramble Patch kits. Of course being Lynn she wanted to make them a bit different so we had to adapt a bit. I made one and she did the other with a bit of direction.
I quilted the quilt for Dexter with all over stipple which was a bit tricky as the print on the fabrics were so busy but I am pleased with the result, especially as Kate (the Mum ) did not believe I had done it freemotion, She said I must have that stitch on my machine because it was too even. I will take that as a compliment.
Lynn quilted hers for Sylvia with a wave pattern which took some time to get a shape she was happy with as she is a scientist.
The fabrics are all brushed cotton and I am sure will keep them toasty in the comming months and I hope will be a comfort for years.
They are visiting this weekend and if I am lucky I might get a cuddle.
There is another quilt to tell you about but that will have to wait for another day.
Happy quilting Liz X

Long time no blog

I have been absent for what seems like a very long time.
My Dad was dignosed with cancer of the stomach in March (his third totally unrelated cancer) and sadly died at the beginning of this month. Caring for him took much of my time. I miss him but cannot be sorry that his suffering is now over. Love you Dad X

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Secret project BQL challenge, a Koi Quilt

I have been busy but unable to blog about this not so little quilt. I found the center panel and some co-ordinating fabrics at my local quilt shop and had to have it as it features koi and Mr Chaos is a serious Koi keeper, but they didn't have the border fabric but after quite a lot of phoning round I eventually got hold of some.

I made it as a gift for my hisband and to display at the East Midlands Koi Club Winter Show. Yes they really do bag up enormous fish and transport them in containers to an event and place them in a vat for judging and display for the weekend. We came home with 5 rosettes and 3 trophies, as I said he is pretty serious.

The BQL challenge for February was to make a quilt to exhibit but it didn't stipulate it had to be a quilt show, so I made and showed in the same month.

I hadn't told Mr Chaos that I had made it and managed to get it on display in the conference center without him knowing, much to the amusement of his friends. It was Saturday morning when I was passing and he was stood near it talking to a friend.

Mr Chaos "Hey Liz have you seen this?"

Me " Yes Dear."

Mr Chaos Long pause for thought and then a big grin.

"Is it Yours?"

Me "No Dear it is yours!" I got a big hug and a kiss. It was great fun but I doubt I could decieve him in the same way again.

He was the last to know but thank goodness he likes it.
Soon there will be a completed Linus quilt to show Till next time Liz X

Monday, 1 February 2010

A cot quilt finished

When I took this really really poor photo I had not yet done the binding but I promise it is done and the quilt has now gone to a new home. I wish I could take better pictures with my camera the colours are not at all like that and it is really disapointing. For quilting I have done a meandering stitch all over which I am quite pleased with and will use again, possibly on a Quilt for a Hero I have offered to quilt for a friend who has pieced a top but doesn't want to tackle the quilting, Hello Mo if you are reading.

I have also been asked to quilt another friends quilt for her as she has wrinkle on the back problems, although if I was smarter I would help her achieve a better finish for herself, so I shall have to ponder on that one for a while.

BQL challenge this month is a quilt to exhibit which I shall not be doing again so I shall quilt for other people instead.

I heard we are now half way through winter so I am looking forward to better weather soon. Till next time Liz X

Thursday, 28 January 2010

A quilt for a Hero

This is my BQL January challenge completed. What ever the rights and wrongs of the political situation a fact remains that there are men and women being wounded every day and their lives will never be the same again. I can do very little about that, but I can quilt.
This is a quilt made from old shirt fabric donated by members of Rugby Model Engineering Society. Easy piecing from 3 x 6 1/2 inch strips just like last months quilt for Katy, I did however, when it came to trimming this quilt have a vague recollection of having starched the strips before I started the other one and it certainly would have helped stabalise these recycled fabrics. A donated backing and wadding meant I was unable to complete it in a conventional way but overall I am quite happy with it, I hope it will be enjoyed by whoever it is given to.

I have also been working on a couple of Christmas projects which has confused a couple of ladies at my quilt group, am I well organised and well ahead of the game or very much too late! Only I know the answer :-) Pictures when they are done but no promises as to when that will be!
Till next time Liz

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Christmas has passed, back to normal? not quite!

Before I put the christmas things away I thought I will share them with you. The long wall hanging was made after a workshop at Lutterworth piecemakers, the christmas tree of triangles I made last year, the little christmas tree of yo yo's was made for me by my friend Holly and the cushion was from my BQL secret santa swap.

I am planning to make a quilt for hero's this month, it is the challenge from BQL. I had a pattern in mind yesterday but the shirt I wanted to use for background did not yeald quite enough fabric so I have changed my plan to do a stacked coin quilt instead. All I will need to buy will be backing, sashing and batting as the gentlemen from the model engineering club I belong to have been generous with old shirts.

I thought I would invite any of my friends to come and do a bit of sewing with me and this design is ideal as it will not show any differences in seam allowance.

The snow has bought some disruption to my plans for this week as school has sent the children home at lunch time today so who knows when they will be back, and after minor surgery to his sholder Mr Chaos will also be at home this week.
Say safe till next time, Liz