Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Busy sewing but not patchworking.

So this is what 8 collared waistcoats looks like, 32 self cover buttons, ( I sat one evening in the theatre bar making them, getting some very strange looks) 112 pieces, 32 darts, 40 button holes, 40 buttons and 8 buckles sewn on, all made for the next show at Rugby Theatre, Nicholas Nickleby.
Jay chose some fabulous fabrics and some that were slippery and difficult to tame.
I am glad/relieved to see them all done and fitted ready for opening night.

I have been busy starching fabrics and cutting Dresden plate wedges, all 380 of them, for a group quilt with Paddox Patchworkers. Cutting backing fabric into blocks bigger than your biggest square ruler was a challenge which was overcome with multiple rulers and masking tape. Not very tidy but it did the job. I turned my spare bed into a sorting space.
I have written a tutorial, prepared a demo and look forward to handing them out next week.
I hope my ladies enjoy sewing them.

A friend arrived on my doorstep on Saturday with an enormous bag of fabrics (better than Christmas). I have sorted and washed, put some aside for quilt backing, cut out 17 bags for Morsbags and have a big bag of fabric to donate to Lutterworth.

It does seem that I am fascinated by statistics this week.
Till next time

Sunday, 9 February 2014

January into February

Lovely batiks and a pattern by Anja Townrow published in a magazine over 6 or so issues for Carol. Some surprising splashes of orange here that I loved. 

This pretty quilt top with yoyo roses is quilted and went back to it's maker but I was a plonker and forgot to photograph it before it left.
Sewing for me has been non existent, I have been sewing waistcoats for Nicholas Nickelby, 8 of them!
I gave a talk to a group of new patchworkers at Percival Guildhouse who are coming to the end of making their sampler quilts, some of them were thinking of using the services of a longarmer so I went and had a chat about what to expect.
I have a biggie on the machine at the moment so that will be next weeks project.
Pictures soon