Thursday, 22 January 2009

Siggy swap

I have been persuaded by a post by Jane to join in a signature swap

I will look forward to receiving quilty mail instead of bills.

There is the small problem of the deadline to get my signature blocks done but there will be a maximum of 60 participants so that should be achievable, shouldn't it?

Hoping I have not taken on too much.


Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Crazy Mom Quilts

I have had lots of good comments and interest regarding the vinyl pouches and I am going to see if I can do a link to Amanda Jean's site I think that worked.

Thank you for the blogging instructions but how do you get just the name to appear not the whole blog address? Always more questions than answers.

I read with interest that Amanda Jean is planning another quilt along. I will be among her followers for sure. I must however, complete the quilting on the star quilt I made last year first before starting another project. I have been working on it this week and am nearer to making a decision, I think.

I went to Dunelm today and found a quilting idea to explore, a sort of whole cloth with the floral design just left blank and the background closely quilted to make the design stand out. I should have taken a photo. I may have to pop back tomorrow.
Good night Liz

Friday, 16 January 2009

Gail Pan Designs

Has anybody else found this lovely site, Gail Pan Designs. On offer is a lovely redwork stitchery that I am working on and hope to show you soon. It should be finished for next christmas. LOL

And as promised the project I was working on yesterday is done.

This is my bag to take to quilt related events, groups, shops etc.Here is my matching note book and pouch to keep in it. (Back view)Here is the front view of the note book and vinyl fronted pouch with pen and pencil, it will soon have polo mints and kleenex added. I have a very small binding on the pouch as I was running out of fabric but I am really pleased with them all and hope it will contribute to being better organised this year. Another thank you to Amanda Jean for the idea.

The free motion quilting I am quite pleased with and was done following a tutorial I found on U tube something to the effect if you can count to three you can FMQ just make a tear drop shape then another a bit bigger and then another one. So simple even I can do it, although I have to confess this is not my first try I think this is possibly the 5th.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at Rocheberie tomorrow perhaps another posting to show more swag and projects. Till then, take care, Liz

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Fabric baskets from Pink Penguin and BQL challenge

I made these baskets after seeing a tutorial on Pink Penguins blog. I bought a little bundle of fabric from a trader at Rochberieages ago, I cant now remember who, and I kept getting it out and looking at it and loving it but had no clue what to do with it untill this tutorial. The size is just right for the four threads for my overlocker. Thank you so much for a great idea and a fab tutorial.

This is all the swag that I came home with last Rochberie meeting, everyone attending was given a jelly roll which I plan to use to do borders on my Noahs Ark stitcheries (the last part of which is available next month and I can't wait) I was given not just one but two kits to make fabric shopping bags for one of our regular ladies who runs a charity shop, and a friend brought lots of ribbons and zips she no longer wanted which I snapped up in a jiffy. I came home on quite a high, am I easily pleased or totally sad? I really thought christmas had come early for me. Here we are and it is Rochberie again this weekend both bags are made as well as another half dozen left over from a Scout fund raiser before christmas, some zips used in pouches and a plan for the jelly roll.

I have just completed my January challenge for BQL and uploaded the picture to the web site. It has wonky circles fmq all over the background, the circles are left plain and I think I almost prefer the back of this little quilt.

I hope all my text has come out with this post unlike the previous one.

Hopefully a little project will be completed soon and I can show you how I am going to try to be better organised this year. I am ever an optomist.

Till next time Liz