Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Working on, on wednesday

I have completed the quilt top I started sewing up yesterday. It is going to be a quilt for a soldier and is made from only 3 shirts. I had to be really careful how I cut them but managed it with only one long skinny piece that needed joining. I have 3 pockets left which I will include in the pieced backing.

I am happy because I make a contribution to the cause, Big Tick, I had set myself a challenge of making a Heros quilt so another Tick, and I get to keep the buttons, Tick.

Stupid me! I have just realised that if I put blocks of shirt pockets into a pieced backing and then quilt it I am going to render the pockets useless cos they will be stitched up. What a Muppet, sigh, back to the drawing board.

Did I tell you I love buttons? Look at this blog of loveliness I spent hours looking at lovely images just immersed in love of buttons.

Make yourself a cuppa and enjoy.

Till next time


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Don't look! you too may be smitten and will have to follow a path to your fabrics

Or worse still have to visit your LQS.
Blog browsing the other day and I saw this beauty, here a really lovely blog with lots of colourful inspiration.

So I followed Carla's link to a tutorial here
I found my little collection of Oakshot fabrics, I pressed, I cut, I pressed again, I measured and layered, I pinned, I marked, I positioned, I sewed, I folded and I turned this muddle....

Into this .......
I love it, but now have no idea what to do with it. I shall keep it and admire it and lovingly stroke it for now before deciding its fate.

Happy sewing