Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Noah's Ark Dove

This is the dove from month 1 of the Noah's Ark BOM. I had to wait till I had daylight before I could photograph it and not have just flash obliterating the image. I really like this and might do a few for christmas cards.

These are to be a pair of cushion covers when I get round to finnishing them. The pattern was origionally from a magazine but was a wall hanging. I used silk on silk but used clover bias tape which I think has shrunk a little, perhaps my iron was a little hot. They will look lovely (I hope )on the chocolate coloured sofa, one day!
Hoping that the sleety rain will soon pass over Rugby, Regards Liz

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Lynette Anderson Noah's Ark

This is the one I completed this morning. I have also done the first one which was a dove but it would not photograph well. I have found these completely addictive, they should have been block of the month but have only recently found them. I think I have done them all in about two weeks (very little housework done do I have my priorities right?)
I am now going to have to wait for next month for the next block number 9 which means it wont be complete till February. I have yet to decide on fabrics to join them.

Mr Noah but no Mrs Noah and a cat.

This was fun too.

I love these elephants.

Kangaroo a really quick to do stitchery for month 4.

Are these cows cute? I love them.

I shall be pleased if this post is sucessful with a photo and text visible.

This is a quilt for my niece, 9 patch blocks alternated with applique hearts.It is a rare opportunity to use some girly colours however, I am dissapointed with the lack of colour contrast, I wish it was only my poor photography but even in real life it looks a bit wishywashy. I am not sure now how to quilt this. I used varigated thread to applique but it blends better than I had predicted. Still it is what was asked for so hopefully she will be happy with it.

I have been a reader of other peoples blogs for a while now but never thought I would have anything to blog about (and this may yet be proven to be correct) but recently I have enjoyed doing a star block of the month at Crazy Mom Quilts and now Noah's Ark block of the month with Lynette Anderson and have enjoyed looking at the work of other people and now feel I should learn how to join in the fun.

I have yet to learn how to upload pictures of my work or provide links to these lovely blogs but I know someone will show me how.

Thankyou for visiting, Liz