Sunday, 27 February 2011

Dual image

The last meeting at Lutterworth piecemakers took the form of mini workshops and I chose one run by Ruth. It was very popular and she was kept very busy. It is a bondaweb and satin stitch technique but being careful with cutting out means you also get the reverse image which I don't have a photo of at the moment. They made pretty little samples, I thought of binding mine and making costers but my family would not bother to use them and I wanted a little across the body bag for a few bits, keys, phone, tissues and lipsalve when I go out for a brisk walk so that is what I made. I have intended to get back into the habit of brisk walks but it hasn't yet happened, perhaps this purse will help. Thank you Ruth I really enjoyed the session.

This is the other little project I have been working on. It was started so long ago that the magazine where I first saw it is long gone so I am unable to credit the designer but there was a whole series of these floral blocks. I completed mine and posted it just in time for the BQL skinny challenge swap. Hopefully some one will like it but if not I would be quite happy to keep it.
The flowers were made by bonding two red fabrics together and cutting the flower shapes out. They are held in place with french knots. I quilted an repeated image in the blank space to make it look like there were more leaves and flowers and I quilted a swirl in the border which does not show up at all.
This is only about 35 X 45cm ish so not necessary to put it on the big machine, I have something else going on in there but no photo at the moment, perhaps next time. I have bought an extended base and a couple of pantographs from another APQS owner who is upgrading to a computer guided system and will no longer need these things. I am thrilled because she quoted a very reasonable price and I saved the cost and hassle of importing and mucking about with customs. We had a very nice chat in her lovely conservatory and I got to see her thread collection and some of her quilts on her walls. Thanks Angie and I hope you enjoy a great holiday.
Hopefully next post will be about a completed christmas quilt comming off the long arm and a mystery quilt going on, although I have no clue about quilt designs for this one. I wanted to put on feathers but the fabric choice and colours just doesn't seem right so I may have to think on. I may post a picture of the top and see what you think.
Till next time Liz

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Someone had fun

Look what I found on the APQS forum this morning I thought you all might like a look.
Someone had fun putting this film clip together

Enjoy Liz

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A BIG purchase and a lot of thread later

In December I had a very large delivery, actually in seven parts. I tracked them from Des Moines to the edge of American air space then they vanished into thin air till they landed at Heathrow then they vanished again emerging in Nuneaton of all places.

Delivery man "What exactly is a professional quilting system?"

Me "A big sewing machine!"

When I explained about the bulk of a layered quilt and the size of the average sewing machine throat he absolutely got it! Great guy.

It took some time to unpack to boxes, read the inch thick set up manual and 3 hours later ..........Ta da

This is my new machine (before the bars were put on) that has completely taken over my sewing room. My DSM is homeless for the time being untill I get sorted.

I love it. These are the first practice pieces that are fit to be seen.
A floral all over pattern which I might make into a bag.

A bit of meander, Vermachelli whatever you like to call it, I quite like it, my first quilt may be a soldier quilt done with this.
Another design I quite like, mussel shell or 1-2 -3 filler

I am off to load another practice quilt and play some more.

Bye for now.