Saturday, 23 July 2011

Block swap

I have been very busy sewing but not much patchwork, I have made several dresses to take away on holiday but I have made all my blocks for Rocheberie block swap they are not yet signed but here are a couple of possible arrangements I was playing with this morning. This is the most odvious one. It would make a nice wall hanging at 24 x 30 inches or a bit bigger with borders.Or how about making a frame for something else? This is my favourite arrangement of blocks but it will depend on how blocks are signed as to whether this will work or not and how I expect it to be viewed, it may not be a wall hanging at this arrangement. It now measures 36 inches square.Or how about this as a frame, it is square so could take a mariners compass in the center and have lots of borders added.

I will have to wait to see them all before making a decision.

Gaynor wins the prize for getting her blocks to me first and June the first in the post so thank you both. Please remember if you are posting to remove the word "Lower" from my address that you were given I hope I phoned or left messages for you all.

Have a good summer


Thank you Nic and Lynda your blocks are added to the box. 5 in 16 to go.

Thank you Jacqiue andPauline your blocks were waiting for me when I got back from holiday.

But I still can't decide how to sign mine.