Wednesday, 19 November 2014

I am back with a couple of finishes.

This beauty has been with me a while. It was rescued from the tip when the makers home was being cleared by her family when full time care was needed. Lovely candlewicked and embroidered blocks have had quite a bit of quilting and blank blocks and borders feathered. I have several hours of thread ends to deal with now.
 This quilt has the most fabulous colours. S used a printed panel and added other fabrics and some applique. I fiddled for some time to get the quilting to a size that was similar to the printed flowers. I think it was worth the fiddle. The thread she provided was a bit temperamental but I love it now.  I look forward to see this when S has finished it, I understand it is to be donated to the British Legion home where her Father is cared for.
 The back is just as lovely as the front.
 This is the second quilt for I. Like a fool I let a couple of quilts leave before being photographed, one was for I. the other was the biggest quilt I have ever done,  a scrap quilt 112 inches long, dense quilting each pass taking nearly 1 hour to stitch.

A demonstration at Lutterworth Piecemakers last month lead to this little bag.
 A photo on Pinterest led to this little bag to store my camera charger.
There have been other quilty goings on I have fallen for the fabric boxes I have seen online and made some and donated a couple for the village fete on Saturday. I gave them away this morning but may have to go and buy one back as I like them and don't have any more of that fabric to make any more.I have been persuaded to move to Instagram but I have yet to find how to share photos from there to here without taking them twice. 
Off to the kitchen now to make my offering for Lutterworth Christmas get together this evening.
Till next time
Liz X