Sunday, 26 February 2012

Blog browsing is dangerous to your current project list

First I went here
where I saw  a post about a new magazine which I will be looking out for and saw a lovely bag. I want one just like it.
Then I went here
New york beauty has been on my wish list for a long time now so this would seem to be a good time to stop wishing and quilt along. I have some red batik fabrics that are Dear Jane unsuitable, just don't love it, failures, that might just be perfect for this. Can I tempt anyone else?

who has plenty to be getting on with but in the words of the executioner in the film Robin Hood (a particular favourite of my older son, many years ago, almost to the point of obsession) "There is always room for one more."

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Silly blogger ....

would not let me upload pictures last time but is behaving better for me today. This is what you could win from here
Just look at that rainbow of goodness only slightly marred for me by the open blade of the rotary cutter, an accident waiting to happen in my opinion and the reason I don't have that style of cutter. Concentrate on the colours though. Ooooh

Saturday, 11 February 2012

A give away on Lily's quilts

I have looked in on Lily from time to time and loved her blog and recently she had a discussion regarding long arm quilting so of course that interested me but possibly not as much as the Oakshott cotton giveaway. Oh my, I love these fabrics.

I never win these things so if you go over and enter because I suggested it, will you share with me? Please? I might have to send Dorothy because she seems to be a lucky lady.

Go and have a look and good luck. I went and poked around and the usual price for this box is £175 they are currently on offer for £125 that is a great offer but still quite a lot of money. Young Master Chaos is currently on a school ski trip and kitting him out has cost me quite a lot. That boy just keeps growing. In the school hall full of youngsters and their parents he came over and gave me a hug, the coach had blackened windows so parents could only see shadows of their children so he sent me text messages to make us both laugh. Got to love that boy, I hope he has fun.

Not much quilting going on that I can share but maybe make up for it next week.

Monday, 6 February 2012

What did you do on my wedding anniversary?

We were married on Feb 5th 1994 but don't usually make a fuss about overly celebrating it. I have given Mr Chaos a card on the 4th before (because the 4th, the 5th and 14th get muddled in my brain) and he has looked at me blankly. What a pair of ditsies. This year I had it in my mind that it was Monday so it came as a bit of a suprise when he suggested a chinese last night because it was our anniversary, it had clearly just dawned on him. I certainly didn't argue.
I was glad I was prepared with a card and a little something sweet and hadn't left that untill today.

Unsuprisingly I had spent the afternoon quilting and quilting untill this was done. It's not perfect but I know where to improve. I hope Holly likes it.

I didn't expect to be posting so soon with another finish but there you are.

Till next time


Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Two finished in January

Two, yes 2 finished!
This is my scrappy bargello for Flutterwheels. I whapped a honking great vermichelli all over with red Aurifill thread as an exercise in scale. The quilt didn't really need anything more complex. This was made mostly from Linus fabrics and a few group swaps with some of my own leftovers so quite a mix. Mr Chaos quite likes it, I had to make it clear that this was not a keeper. I am glad to have done it and finished it in plenty of time as I had set myself a challenge to complete more charity quilts this year. I am reluctant to say one a month but lets see.
This quilt is for Holly to take to Kenya later this year. I did CC's in the corners and fiddled about towards the center which is where my lack of experience really shows. I did piano keys in the border. Hopefully a child in Africa will like it.
Next up on the frame is another quilt for Holly where I will be playing with a panto again. Haven't done that for a while.
Till next time