Saturday, 11 February 2012

A give away on Lily's quilts

I have looked in on Lily from time to time and loved her blog and recently she had a discussion regarding long arm quilting so of course that interested me but possibly not as much as the Oakshott cotton giveaway. Oh my, I love these fabrics.

I never win these things so if you go over and enter because I suggested it, will you share with me? Please? I might have to send Dorothy because she seems to be a lucky lady.

Go and have a look and good luck. I went and poked around and the usual price for this box is £175 they are currently on offer for £125 that is a great offer but still quite a lot of money. Young Master Chaos is currently on a school ski trip and kitting him out has cost me quite a lot. That boy just keeps growing. In the school hall full of youngsters and their parents he came over and gave me a hug, the coach had blackened windows so parents could only see shadows of their children so he sent me text messages to make us both laugh. Got to love that boy, I hope he has fun.

Not much quilting going on that I can share but maybe make up for it next week.

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Sew Create It - Jane said... sweet!!! I do hope Master Chaos has a brilliant time!

Off to check out the giveaway...if I win I promise to share ;o)