Saturday, 16 May 2009

Dying to try this again and May challenge

I spent a great day on Thursday with Muriel and Chris. I took a big piece of white fabric with me but look what I came home with, a rainbow of gorgeousness, is that even a word?

Both of them were quite suprised when I said I was patient enough to leave them over night before rinsing out (I was awake at 6am threw the reds in only to find that my washing machine decided to leak eek! new door seal on its way.) but I am very happy with the results, ridiculously happy infact. I keep rearranging them and stroking them. The greens are unusual but not quite as they appear on my screen. I have no idea if I will be able to use them, they are too precious but I am sure I will be doing it again soon.
I have a bit of a list of patterns I would like to do, New York Beauty, feathered star and Dear Jane.
Where do I start?
Still pondering....... till next time, Liz

This is my May challenge. I am not sure why I did not fancy the word 'May' that was suggested and why I thought 'Love' would be better but I did. I fancied lettering that reminded me of hippies I have no idea why or if this style fits the bill but I quite liked it. There are 3 hearts and swirly quilting. I went to the quilt museum in York and Mr chaos bought me Phillipa Naylors fab book. The colours she uses really make you want to say wow and she uses trapunto to very great effect. I would like to do more.

BQL challenge and a quilt sent to Australia

Here is my challenge quilt for last month made at the last minute as my origional did not work out as I had hoped. Here it looks a little pale, in real life it is better.

My second son posed for me last year at Carrisbrook Castle on the Isle of White. The fabrics were a christmas gift from Lutterworth piecemakers, a selection I would not have chosen myself but are just right for this, so thank you to the committee.

This is a quilt I made from a jelly roll given by Rocheberrie quilters at christmas. I quite liked the block, the sashing I felt was a bit too wide but used it to do some free motion quilting, meandering style which I had not done before. At the time I was doing it I was not too impressed but once I had done it and looked I could not see the areas I thought were poor.

This is another BQL challenge. It should have been 9 paper pieced bags but my printed died and the design did not really appeal so I made just 4 bags but mine are 3D so I can hide items in them but I can only think of chocolate items that will fit. I have a Bramble Patch bag similar to this one and my son has a P.E. kit bag like this, I made a cover for my camera out of another fabric and I am looking for something to hang from my copy of my Radley bag. I bound the quilt with a different colour on each side which is something I may do again.

I wonder what the next challenge will be?

Till next time Liz