Saturday, 16 May 2009

BQL challenge and a quilt sent to Australia

Here is my challenge quilt for last month made at the last minute as my origional did not work out as I had hoped. Here it looks a little pale, in real life it is better.

My second son posed for me last year at Carrisbrook Castle on the Isle of White. The fabrics were a christmas gift from Lutterworth piecemakers, a selection I would not have chosen myself but are just right for this, so thank you to the committee.

This is a quilt I made from a jelly roll given by Rocheberrie quilters at christmas. I quite liked the block, the sashing I felt was a bit too wide but used it to do some free motion quilting, meandering style which I had not done before. At the time I was doing it I was not too impressed but once I had done it and looked I could not see the areas I thought were poor.

This is another BQL challenge. It should have been 9 paper pieced bags but my printed died and the design did not really appeal so I made just 4 bags but mine are 3D so I can hide items in them but I can only think of chocolate items that will fit. I have a Bramble Patch bag similar to this one and my son has a P.E. kit bag like this, I made a cover for my camera out of another fabric and I am looking for something to hang from my copy of my Radley bag. I bound the quilt with a different colour on each side which is something I may do again.

I wonder what the next challenge will be?

Till next time Liz

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