Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Stitcheries and Bento Box

This is what I do when I am waiting at the station for my husband to come home, I sit in the car and stitch, now that Noah is done I found another generous designer to give us a block of the month. These are by Gail Pan Designs and I love them. I am now looking forward to March.

This is what I have been doing when I should have been quilting my stars quilt. I can't make a decision about quilting designs so I started another.

This was a jelly roll of batiks from fabric freedom. There was a thread on BQL about Bento box and I just had to do one. I wanted to play with colour but played safe with complimentary colours for the main blocks and had half a roll of strips that didn't have a pair so I put them together for the border I have a bit of this left and will probably make a bag. I used all of the fabrics in the roll and bought 1.3m for the border and my quilt measures 62" square. At the moment I have only quilted in the ditch and have to decide whether to leave it at that or do some more.

I have bought an ink pad to complete the stamping on my siggy blocks and have now made all 60 and got them squared up and trimmed so another session or two and they should be completed. In plenty of time too! till next time Liz X

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

Ahhh now I know why the 'love' and 'merry' stitcheries were on your mind today.

They look lovely!

Thanks for coming by this afternoon...It's been ages since I've had "tea" with a friend :o)