Tuesday, 3 February 2009

B.Q.L.quilt some signature quilt blocks and jelly roll blocks

I have completed the BQL February challenge, just got to upload it to the site. It is foundation pieced onto starched fabric with red and oriental fabrics as it is not only Valentines day but our wedding anniversary too this month. I think that although paper foundation piecing is tedious to pick bits of paper off, it is easier to fold accurately.
I had tried to use a metalic thread to quilt but the thread kept breaking. I think I have read about a needle for metalic threads, I will have to investigate. I used lots of fancy stitches to quilt although they don't show in my pictures, you know the ones your machine has that you never use. I have done some signature blocks (but not trimmed them yet, I thought I would leave that till last) also from oriental fabrics, but I need to shop for more fabric before I can make anymore blocks.

These blocks are made from the jelly roll we were given for christmas at Rocheberie I need to make two more blocks then think about sashing and borders, another shopping trip needed as I have not got a fabric stach to speak of, I keep using it up.

Lutterworth piecemakers block is also done but I have not photographed it yet.
Lynette Anderson has just relesed her last Noah's Ark block so you know how I will be spending this snowy day.
Till next time, Liz

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

Your Feb block looks great. It's been a long time since I've quilted with metallic thread...but I'm pretty sure I used a metallic needle...Chris is the gal to ask as she's quilted with all manner of things.