Monday, 1 February 2010

A cot quilt finished

When I took this really really poor photo I had not yet done the binding but I promise it is done and the quilt has now gone to a new home. I wish I could take better pictures with my camera the colours are not at all like that and it is really disapointing. For quilting I have done a meandering stitch all over which I am quite pleased with and will use again, possibly on a Quilt for a Hero I have offered to quilt for a friend who has pieced a top but doesn't want to tackle the quilting, Hello Mo if you are reading.

I have also been asked to quilt another friends quilt for her as she has wrinkle on the back problems, although if I was smarter I would help her achieve a better finish for herself, so I shall have to ponder on that one for a while.

BQL challenge this month is a quilt to exhibit which I shall not be doing again so I shall quilt for other people instead.

I heard we are now half way through winter so I am looking forward to better weather soon. Till next time Liz X


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Looks good from where I'm sitting.

As for the puckering wrinkly backing problem the trick is to baste baste baste...Also you need to keep repositioning your hands...don't let the quilt get away from you...hope that helps your friend.

Lynda said...

I feel your pain where the dark photos are concerned. I always try to take my photos with as much light as possible, but they aften look dingey too! Never mind, the quilt looks great!

Lynda said...

Would you like me to put a link form the Piecemakers blog to yours?