Saturday, 4 June 2011

Happy national quilting day!

To bind on the longarm or not bind on the longarm, that is the question!

This has been my secret project. Can you tell what it is yet?

Young Master Chaos turned 14 this week and this is a gift for him. It is a little difficult to hide a project once it is loaded. I saw a photo on Flickr Brit Quilt group and wanted to make one.

I wish I could say it was simple to get it right, it wasn't, but it is right enough.

The Union Jack is significant in our family because last year when my Dad was in Myton hospice they were preparing for their summer fete and had put up the flag, but upside down. Dad was having a good day and had to rectify the situation. A sudden surge of energy had him climb on the table to try to sort it out luckly the nurses called for the groundsmen to assist.

Anyhow I shall be in the park this afternoon from 2 pm to celebrate National Quilting Day hand stitching the binding if anyone would like to join me it would be great to have some company.

Till next time



Sew Create It - Jane said...

Looks fantastic!! I just love it! And I'm sure Master Chaos will too!

Just out of do you know if the flag is upside down? I can ask these questions...I am Canadian after all and you can tell instantly when its upside down.

Blessed said...

Great looking quilt. You've done a wonderful job. Love to see it when it's off the frame.