Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Do you want to see my boobs? I have 5 so far!

What were you expecting?
Did you miss this post? http://makeaboob.blogspot.com/
Nina Lise in Norway is making a collection of textile pieces the size of a CD she is hoping to collect 1000 for an exhibition to raise awareness of breast cancer. I thought at the very least I should make one for everyone I have loved whose life has been touched by this cancer.
So far I have made 5 boobs.
The one in the center is for my Dad, it is made from his shirt fabric and is folded fabric, sort of origami, which he enjoyed. Dad was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001 so if a man you are close to has any changes in the nipple area please get him to the doctor. At that time 300 men a year were being diagnosed. Intersting fact is that a man has the same number of cells in that area just not the hormones to make them grow. Well I thought it was interesting.
The funky one with bra fabric is for my cousin who was daignosed in her early 20's, she went to the doctor with a lump and was told not to be silly, girls of her age don't get breast cancer and was sent away without being examined. Today she is fit and well and although I see her rarely I think of her with great affection.
The paisly one above is for her Mother, my Dads cousin and my Godmother. She was diagnosed at about the same time as my Dad but her treatment was not a long term success and she too is loved and missed.
The pink silk one is for the wife of a friend who passed away earlier this year, she was a well known potter and artist so I hope she would have liked the texture.
The brown silk one was the one I made first but now I don't like it as much as I did and the women remaining I wish to honour deserve something I am happy with and is my best work.
I will be posting these and more to Nina Lise before the end of July I think, so if you would like to add to my collection I would be happy to post together or her address can be found on her blog.
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Sew Create It - Jane said...

I quite like the brown one...the feathers are so pretty and beautifully quilted.
It's such a lovely way to honour your family...I think your Dad would be thrilled with the one you made for him especially as it includes one of his shirts... :o)

Contented Caroline said...

Love this boobs Liz - I hope everything at the concert in memorial of your dad goes well. I missed out on your 'boob' making day but would dearly love a get-together making something, anything with you!!

Contented Caroline said...

Me again - may see you this evening at the concert event - never met your dad but heard about the concenrt via some friends in my group who sing locally. Hope to see you there.

Contented Caroline said...

Sorry, this is becoming a habit - me again. Just to say how much I enjoyed the concert last night. I was doing well until the 'sleep' piece and then blubbered like a baby, haven't even met your dad, but something about a beautiful church, stunning music and I get very caught up in all the emotion. I would love to know how much you raised for charity and I've got some 'boob' making on my to-do list for this week. Thanks liz.

Lynda said...

They are all so lovely, and what a wonderful idea!