Friday, 20 May 2011

Lutterworth Piecemakers workshop and Malvern Show

This is a picture of my group trying out their free motion quilting skills. I volounteered to do this a few months ago without realising of course how busy I would be with the Japan quilts. Perhaps just as well as I didn't have too much time to get too nervous.

Workshops are a really difficult thing to plan when you don't know how many ladies will be there, what their level of experience is, how long activities will take but mostly what they expect of you.

I was joined by Gill, Jane, Rosemary, Paula and Margaret. In the photo we are joined by Chris and Dorothy.A shot from the other end of the room shows other groups busy too! I hope I didn't bombard them with too much information they certainly didn't have much time to chat. I spoke about machine set up, which can be a bit of trial and error, needles, thread, helpful gagets, batting choice, especially on a bigger project with an example of a poor choice which resulted in difficulty with quilting and a stiff quilt and a good choice which was easier to quilt and is lovely and snuggly, even density of quilting across a quilt. My ladies were lovely and hopefully went away with a few ideas as well as a bit more confidence to give it a go and practice.

My last picture shows what I came back with from my visit to Malvern quilt show, thread nets that I wanted to try out on troublesome thread, a chalk marker for my friend, a chalk pounce for me, a cutting board which swivels which was reduced quite a lot, but if it does not work well I have the ability (Mr Chaos ) to get it sorted out, some fabric samples which are great for little projects like bag making, some other fabric to complete a baby quilt, fabric in the paper bag is for a secret project, and some thread, well quite a bit of thread actually. I will let you know if Wonderfil is wonderful, it certainly looks it compared to another thread.

I had a really lovely day at Malvern, I met Trish on the coach and chatted all the way there, having found a person to take all my quilts for Japan from me( thank you Stitch Witch they were getting heavy!) I then was free to enjoy looking at lovely quilts and shop for quilting goodies. Sadly while we were permitted to photograph quilts we are not permitted to upload them to any web sites so I wont be able to share my favourites with you.

I hope to share my secret project with you soon.

Till next time Liz

Today I shall be cleaning the house it has been sadly neglected the last few weeks and I need to rediscover the surfaces that lie beneath the dust and carpets that are hidden bya layer of threads. I have already done the dining room, damp dusted, hoovered and everything. One down several more to go.

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