Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The last of the Quilts for Japan

There are few benefits of waking up at 2 am with a sore throat and runny nose but blogging about all the quilty activity in my life this week is one of them (seeing a beautiful almost full moon is another, I am trying to be positive)
This is Gaynors quilt she dropped it off saying just meander it so I SID to stabalise and meandered round the flowers in the white blocks which actually was a bit tricky because the petals are quite small, then I thought about changing thread colour and meandering with blue in the blue blocks but decided to make a flame flower instead.

I hope Gayner and the recipient will both be pleased.

Flame flower in the blue blocks.
Quite a tight meander in the white flower blocks.
I took all the quilts out to photograph them all together including one from Sue then got home and found the green and yellow one sitting on the sofa Grrrr. Never mind I may not have a photo of all the Rugby donations together but I am happy with our contribution, Thank you Jane, Muriel, Sue and Gayner. The quilts will be delivered to Malvern later today.
The next post will be all about free motion quilting at Lutterworth last night and Malvern quilt show, I have not been before but everyone I have spoken to says I am in for a good day providing I can stay awake.

Till next time Liz


Sew Create It - Jane said...

They look fabulous....I was so pleased to see you with your large bag in hand on the bus to Malvern. An unplanned send off, I felt really proud.

Shirley said...

Hello Liz, I came and visited via Jane and have enjoyed seeing all your lovely work. Well done to you.