Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Gill's quilt

Once again my photographic skills do not do justice to this nice quilt.
 I admire people who can put a variety of fabrics together, I am not good at it.
 In the center of the photo is a checked square which is actually a pocket with little eyelet rings in the corners. I quilted with quite a dense panto and was bound to break a needle by hitting metal or the dense layers of the pocket flap would make the hopping foot bounce off.
 Master Chaos was extreemly rude, showing suprise that I had forseen the problem and overcome it by taping a masking tape strip over the panto where the pocket was, to tell me to stop stitching. Condescending blighter!
The next quilt on the machine however was not such a happy event, as I rolled on (about 3/4 completed, SID and dense vermichelli on a cot quilt) the backing that I had not  thought to be a directional print revealed itself to me, all the faces were infact facing in one direction,
the wrong one!
As this quilt came to me already layered and I can't now remember which way it was origionally before I had to unlayer it to load it, I felt I just had to make it right before it left my house. A lengthy date with the quick unpicker and now I am really pleased by how well the needle holes have closed up after a spritz with water and a good pressing. It is now loaded ready for round 2.
I am sure I have already said you learn something new with every quilt, true that! Check backings very carefully for directional prints then, look again!
Till next time

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

I'm amazed at your desire for perfection..and your attention to detail!! I'm sure the owner will be thrilled...or mortified ;o) that you unpicked everything to stitch it twice!