Friday, 9 November 2012

A quilt for a soldier

This quilt was started some time ago at a Rocheberrie sewing day, one of those mystery things, I love them! Bring 60x 6 inch squares and 200 someother size, or whatever I can't remember, cut here, join this to that, sew here, press, repeat steps 2  to 7 and Ta da!
I used donated shirts which with hindsight was not very wise, those pieces are small and sewn on the bias and would have benefitted from some starch to stabalise them. Of course I didn't have any with me, because of that it is not very accurately pieced but never mind it is done now with the addition of border and backing fabric donated by Ruth, Thank you, I am quite happy with it. I quilted it with stars and loops, the same as the last quilt.
I do have another quilt to show but as it is not mine and the owner hasn't seen it yet I will have to wait till after Tuesday when I see her. I am holding my breath just a little bit. I really hope she likes it.When someone says "do what you like with it" they know they are going to get feathers, right?
Till Tuesday


Shirley said...

It is a lovely quilt Liz.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Having seen this in person I can tell you it is wonderful! :o)

Lynda said...

I think your colour choice for the Rocheberie Mystery quilt is great! The design shows up beautifully!