Sunday, 25 November 2012

Dorothy's quilt

I was given this quilt ages ago and told to do what I wanted with it. This quilt has little stitcheries on it and a lovely fabric with pretty floral prints, fresh spring colours,and  a narrow border with prarie points. I loved it and wanted to do an allover feather avoiding the stitcheries  so it had to be stitched freehand not a panto and I didn't think my skills were up to it so it hung in my sewing room and just loved it but felt intimidated, it looked at me every day.
I had to draw it out and tried what I wanted but was still nervous. It hung so long it became an embarassment so I gave myself a talking to and loaded it and just had to do it. Once I started I did not want to stop I had so much fun and thankfully Dorothy loves it as much as I do. I chose matching thread so the quilting is very difficult to see on a picture, which is a shame.
When I gave it back I had to point out an issue, quilting always draws in the quilt and the bulk of the fabric in the prarie points has given the outer edge a bit of a wave so I think it either needs blocking or the points need pinning out of the way and  dense stitching in the apricot border.  Of course this did not become aparent untill after it came off the frame as it was held taught.
Every quit presents a challenge and every one you can learn  from.
 I think blocking might be the best option, more stitching behind may make the points stick out. Anyone got any advice or experience of prarie points?
Till next time


Sew Create It - Jane said...

It is stunning! I bet Dorothy is thrilled with it.

Lynda said...

My advice is to enjoy the beautiful colours, piecing and quilting! What's a little wave between friends?