Sunday, 9 November 2008

Star quilt

For some time I have been working on this star quilt along that Amanda Jean at crazymomquilts has had on her blog. I had not done stars before and I really enjoyed it, so thank you very much Amanda Jean. It is quite big, so big infact, that I could not get far enough away with my camera to take a photo of all of it. My camera was on the cealing where I could not see the screen. This was the best of the three photos I took. Can you imagine the ones I discarded? When I go to group on Tuesday I will see if I can get a better picture.

I have now got it layered and pin basted and can't decide how to quilt it. The question is not machine or hand, the answer to that is most definately machine, but what design? I am just not sure.

I had called this my christmas quilt as it is all in a variety reds and cream fabric many of which have gold in them although none of them are actually christmas fabric. Last week I thought of giving it to my dad for his forthcomming birthday but by the look on the face of Mr Chaos I think I had better think again for a birthday gift.

When I made my first quilt I didn't think my family would be in the least bit interested, infact my elder son said "Don't bother making one of those for me!" Quite clear I thought, that I was wasting my time but within a year when the same son was to celebrate his 21st birthday he told me I could make one for him. That was nice of him wasnt it.

We have three quilts of mine in the house and every day without fail, I have to fold at least one of them and put it away. I like the fact that they are used and I think they are apprecaited.

Will they become for my children part of an abiding memory of home and of me?

It is 8 years today since my Mother passed away and I make no excuse for being reflective especially as it also coincides with rememberance day but I will go before becoming too sad. I am going to start the next Noah block, Lynette has given us penguins this month thank you Lynette

Happy quilting


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