Monday, 10 November 2008

Craft and cake

My sister can't bake a cake at home, my 4 year old nephew talks about mummy's flat cake. I can't work out where she goes wrong so she came round and we baked together. I had come to the conclusion that maybe over beating was the problem but this looks good and tasted good too. She is off home to try another in her oven.

She then moved upstairs to make a case for some of her music (she plays flute and sings) and needed a small folder for one of the groups. I had made a few of these from a tutorial by crazy mom quilts and she wanted to have a go. The fabric on the other side is pink on pink sheet music, a remnant from the Bramble Patch and the inside is a coordinating glittery pink. I think she has done a fab job especially as vinyl is not the easiest to use.

I think craft and cake is a combination that will become a regular feature in our calendar.
I have made a start on Noah's penguins nothing to show yet though.

Happy quilting Liz

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Lynda said...

Pink vinyl! Sounds like it would be really hard to sew! Great job though (and the cake!)