Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Two for Ursula, one for me.

 This pair of quilts have been made by the local U3A sewing group, the blocks are hand pieced but they were put together very nicely and quilted up without any problems.
We are lucky enough to have a cheese specialist shop locally and I was delighted to receive a voucher as a thank you.
 I have also had a finish for myself, this is my scrappy one block wonder for Flutterwheels, the close up shows the block quilting echoed into the border.
When you finish one quilt you are free to start another, that is a rule isn't it?
This paper pieced quilt La Passacagalia is beautiful but I am learning to draw the shapes required using a cad package so I can cut both papers and fabric using our laser cutter. Mr Chaos has cut some acrylic shapes for me to fussy cut and has cut some fabric to get me started/addicted but insists I learn how to do it for myself. While I can see his point, learning a new skill is good for me, yada, yada, yada.  I am not exactly thanking him at the moment. It is very frustrating.

Sorry for the less than great photos from my phone but my PC is refusing to see photos from my camera.
Till next time.

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