Thursday, 24 September 2015

Batik beauty

 This lovely quilt was sent to me by a lady I had contact with via Facebook. She was looking for someone to quilt for a gentleman who's wife had recently passed away. This is her last quilt and I was very glad to complete it for them. It came partly tacked, a pieced backing with almost no extra for loading and a pieced, multi layered poly batting, not ideal, but with temporary borders stitched to the backing Millie did a great job. I was asked for something curvey and as it was for a chap floral may not be ideal but dragonflies are perfect, this is such a useful e2e. Who doesn't love dragonflies?
 I heard yesterday it was very well received.
 I hope the quilt brings this gentleman both warmth and comfort in his grief. My very best wishes to you sir.

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Rebekah Sanders said...

That's a lovely quilt - beautiful colours :) The dragonflies suit it perfectly :)