Wednesday, 11 March 2015

They are breeding like ....

...rabbits, well, more like Easter bunnies.

Easter bunny gift bags to be precise. Lovely little project enjoyed by some of my Newton villlage craft group, just waiting to be filled with little gifts or sweets for Easter.
The blog I took this from is here but I lined mine.

We also managed to persuade a couple of our knitting ladies to put down their needles in favour of a little sewing. These are knitting pinies which have a large pocket to hold a ball of wool instead of chasing it round the floor. They have proved very popular and we have had orders for a couple already. I have found mine useful for holding my mobile phone when I am quilting and listening to books on audible with my headphones on ( I am scolded for tucking my phone in my bra). We were asked for a gardening version too.
There has been a little quilting going on, although not as much progress as I would like and spring cleaning in the kitchen, bleugh.
Back to sewing.

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