Friday, 20 February 2015

Binding for Linus

One of the problems with family staying over is that I have to move stuff. One of the advantages is that you uncover stuff you had forgotten about, get it done and have less to move back. Here is the result this week, two incubator covers and a  quilt.

 A convergence quilt with hand dyes ( and a peep of my new steel toe capped Doc Martins. I am a little bit in love :-) ) and sparkly fabric with an attempt at feathers out of a pot.
My nephew comes to me during school holidays.
 "Aunty Liz you have a lot of tablets, your phone, one in the pink room and one in the sewing room." Imagine if you will, small boy, hands on hips, with an attitude of, who in their right mind gave you so many gadgets but you only play solitaire!
OK. So I fish through the 'to be quilted pile' for something that will show up the quilting and thought this would suit him perfectly. 
(Thank you if you gifted this top  but apologies from me because I can't remember who to thank.)
Load it up, set it up and away goes my machine all by itself. 
Look on boys face.... priceless.
By the end of the day he was demonstrating to my sister how it was done. Love it!

So binding done and quilts now gone.
I am busy de-constructing curtain samples and prepping for knitting aprons for my ladies in Newton.
All may become clear next time.


Lynda said...

Thanks for the lovely Linus quilts, and well done for bringing a new quilting convert into the fold!

Bekah said...

That convergence quilt is lovely!
Also "knitting aprons" - very curious as to what they are! :)