Monday, 19 May 2014

Rugby Theatre and other shows

If you missed A Midsummer Nights Dream at Rugby Theatre last week and if the reviews are to be believed you missed a WOW of a show.
 I can sometimes be found backstage on a show, wearing the usual uniform black of stage crew and if all goes well I am never seen.
This is a rare photo taken of me, because of a completely open set, in costume and makeup with my fellow fairies Cobweb, Moth, Mustard Seed and Titania (they are the acting type of fairy, I am only the scene changing type). Thanks guys I had a blast and miss you already.

Now on to the things I brought home from the other show in my life last week, Malvern quilt show.
I bought some lovely batik backing fabric for my Jan Hassard quilt, some blue batiks for a planned Storm at sea quilt that has been on my to do list for ever, a purse frame that I thought might hold my glasses, I am always loosing my glasses and it drives me nuts. I bought a replacement for my 6 X 1 inch ruler so the one I have misplaced will now turn up, the threads and batting I ordered online and arrived this weekend, the rosettes and cups were an added bonus.
I now need to catch up on real life, housework, paperwork, laundry, the jungle I used to call garden and most of all sleep.

Till next time


Nik said...

Sleep is for wimps - get some sewing done!!

Liz said...

I was in bed for just after 9.30 last night thinking I might read a magazine. I don't think I read much but was awake at 5ish to see the most beautiful sun.

Lynda said...

The fairies look amazing - including you! Wish I could have seen the show as it's a favourite. Very sensible purchases.