Friday, 16 May 2014

Malvern Quilt Show

Lets do a group quilt for charity suggested  Dorothy.
 We always take a coach trip to Malvern lets enter it into the show |(I heard my mouth say before my brain was engaged). Wouldn't it be fun to see a quilt we had all contributed a block to, hang in a show. When I suggested it I had completely overlooked the fact that Malvern is a judged show.
Here starts hours of discussing, planning, gathering fabric, pressing , starching, cutting, trialing, demonstrating, sewing, trimming, putting together, pressing and finally quilting, blocking and binding, phew.
I am hugely proud of this quilt I have no real interest in what the judges say about it I like it for many reasons.  I am glad everyone in the group was involved and will continue to be so as we print and sell raffle tickets to raise money for Zoe's place, a hospice in Coventry.
I think everyone involved has done their best work on it I know I have.
I like the fact that as I sat in the pub doing the binding people seemed to be very interested in it.
One comment from my friend Mike " when are you selling raffle tickets, I want that quilt!"
 The second quilt I entered was started years ago when Rocheberie quilters gave a gift of charm pack. Honestly, they were not fabrics I would have chosen for myself but I found a quilt in an old magazine and with an old but unused sheet from one of my grandparents I made a start. I soon ran out of charm squares and asked around if anyone had Rocheberie charm squared they were not using. Soon I had more squares and a name for my quilt, Generosity of quilters. I sewed the applique borders while watching my son take climbing lessons. It was put away in the pile and got buried. Finally I had a reason and a deadline and got it done.
I had a phone call as I was trying to make tea before dashing out to the theatre, from Grosvenor shows to say I had won a rosette. I had to ask the lady to tell me twice, she must have thought I was completely stupid. I put the phone down, screamed, told my family and then thought nahhh she must have made a mistake. but when I got to the show apparently no mistake I have two ribbons. One for the best charity quilt and one for best hand applique. Sadly the people who gave me these skills, my mother and both grandmothers are no longer here to share my good news with and I am really struggling and failing to hold back tears.
Generosity will be donated to Myton Hospice in memory of my father who was cared for there in the last few weeks of his life.
Interesting timing as this week is Dying matters week.
Next post will be a more normal post about purchases made at show and next weeks plan is to catch up on sleep.


Sheilaf said...

Congratulations Liz, well done. Love both the Quilts, you do great work.
Sheila (in Florida)

Nik said...

Both lovely - well done you!

Kath Garvey said...

Both very beautiful quilts. Congratulations very well deserved.

Shirley said...

Well done Liz. You have earned your rosettes. Show them with pride.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Even though you've told be about these wins, seeing your post and reading about how hard it has been to hold back the tears...I'm still moved! Congratulations!!!