Saturday, 10 March 2012

I have a new machine!

I have loved these machines for ages and when the oportunity presented itself I Ummed and Ahhed and tried to tell myself I really didn't need another machine but when I enquired again and was told one purchaser had withdrawn I thought this was meant for me.
She is beautiful and I love her. A little research lead me to find out that she was made precisely 60 years ago between Feb and April of 1952, she is not in absolutely perfect condition there are a couple of dinks in the black paint so I am not afraid to use her but her gold decoration is in good condition and shows no wear. Master Chaos the second son and junior engineer took the side plate off to examine the workings and then the base cover, pointing out cams and things that needed grease and points that needed oil. He noted that the cover of the hand book says 'for family use' and that was all the justification he needed for taking the screwdriver to it.
 I think she looks lovely tucked inside the throat of my long arm.


Shirley said...

Enjoy using your machine. My friend Wendy at wendyswistfulquilts collects sewing machines and her husband restores them. Yesterday I spotted a limited edition model Singer to celebrate 160 years and it looked good and then I switched on the crate and craft channel and there was the machine and it sold out in minutes. It had all the black and gold features but with all the mod cons.

Mo Smith said...

I have a Featherweight too - a gift to my daughter from a great-aunt but daughter doesn't sew so kindly passed it on! Had it serviced at Sew Northampton and Andy said it's a perfectly good little machine. Just need to see if I can get some feet and bobbins for it now!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

You'll get lots and lots of use with her I'm sure..