Sunday, 18 March 2012

The generosity of quilters

These are the blocks, 43 of them, with one more promised tomorrow, that I collected from Rocheberrie Quilters. Thank you ladies. Each block is dedicated to someone who has been affected by cancer. They will be in the post Tuesday at the latest and on there way to America. Watch Lynda's blog for progress.
Till next time


Lynda said...

Hi Liz, It's Lynda from Primitive Pieces in America....I just wanted to let you know HOW much I appreciate the help from all of you. Your blocks arrived yesterday and I can hardly wait to start stitching them all together. I will be posting information on my blog and of course the finished quilts will also be posted. I know the Quilts for a Cause, Inc. gals will love what we send to them. Thanks again, Hugs, Lynda

Lynda said...

They look great all together - very much of a muchness.