Friday, 4 March 2011

Threads and patches day out

What do you do when you have a great day out at Threads and Patches on Tuesday with lots of lovely ladies and are given a kit for a japanese inspired bag?
Well I had mine made by Wednesday before breakfast.
We were treated to a day of demonstrations, mini projects and tools and I particularly enjoyed the fabric painting in the afternoon. Drinks on arrival with home made cake lunch was light and
the welcome was warm unfortunately the venue was not and I would go there again but wear more layers. There was of course the shopping, I bought a ruler that had been demonstrated and a bundle of batics for a dalia quilt it has been on my to do list for a while and a charm pack for a project which may or may not come about. I could also have bought a roll of novelty fabrics which would have been great for I spy or linus quilts never mind, next time.

I of course used the fabric for the lining on the outside because there is no yellow in the tulip print, I am not a fan of the yellow provided but needed a bit for another project. I put an extra bit of green fabric round the opening because I thought the green was a bit bottom heavy but it has made the opening even more dense with fabric and more difficult to close.
It does make a pretty little gift bag and I may have to make more with japanese inspired fabrics.
This is what is on the machine at the moment. This was a christmas quilt I made ages ago, part quilted and then put away because I was so frustrated with it. I have just put it on to practice on. I am actually finding it quite difficult to think of different quilt patterns for each of the star blocks. I am not particularly happy with it but hopefully will be able to look back on it and see improvement.
In the other room I am really enjoying putting these blocks together. What I find really interesting is that the naked eye will not see blocks that are too similar together but when viewed as a photograph they jump out at you. Good job I can have some time to rearrange them.

I have had a flitty week, I am unable to settle to anything. I think I need to write a list and prioritise that may help me focus. Some nicer weather may help too.
Snow drops and my forcythia are now in flower so spring is just arround the corner.
Happy sewing


Nik said...

Your star quilt is looking great - what are you mithering about?! Repeat yourself on stars, why worry.... You will love it when you have finished it, because you will have finished it!!

Liz said...

Thanks Nik, I do want to get this done because I want to load the Rocheberrie mystery quilt and have that done by next meeting.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Your Red quilt on the machine looks fabulous! I've decide I need a red quilt in my life and have started sewing some this week....I will post about them soon.

Lists are good...I just re-wrote mine from last year only to find that the only things I finished where the newest things on the list. I must finish off some of my older projects!..That's the plan for 2011!