Friday, 11 March 2011

Finish on a Friday and Rocheberrie quilt ready to load

This was started a couple of years ago as a sew along with Amanda Jean but the quilting left me stumped, not because I didn't know what I wanted, quite the reverse I just could not manhandle it under my domestic machine. I had also made the mistake of using an unidentified chalk to mark and then it would not brush off so my love for it slightly waned. It became my first long arm project and although it is very far from satisfactory it has been good to complete it. I have tested a corner and I think most of the chalk will wash off but I have learned my lesson. It is very difficult to photograph quilting! This shows a bit of the stipple in the cream areas and an open feather border.

This is next up on the machine, after a thread trim and trimming borders session. I am now rethinking how I press seams after sewing a couple of quilts with triangles lately.

I am not sure how to quilt this, I would have feathered the spiral in the solid triangles but the fabric choices don't say feathers to me at all, so I am a bit stumped. I will SID as best I can (much harder I find on the long arm than DM) and hope that something speaks to me soon as I would like to take it to Rocheberrie next Saturday and I have a couple of bag ideas in my head for the challenge but not done yet!

Time to stop blogging and get sewing I think.

Till next time



Sew Create It - Jane said...

Thoroughly enjoyed your post! Love love love that first quilt. You've done an amazing job with the quilting! Look forward to seeing it in the "flesh" next week.

BTW what did you mean when you said you are rethinking how you press seams? I'm curious to what you mean?

Nik said...

Your feather is fantastic - mine are all unidentifible (sp?) must practice more....

shannon said...

gourgeous feathers!

okay- i helped on setting triangles (you're not daft)- how'd you change your post font???

thanks for sharing, shannon