Sunday, 23 January 2011

Rocheberie schoolhouse quilters - mystery quilt day

I wish I had taken a photograph of the nine patch blocks I started out the day with, before slicing them in quarters as if to do disappearing nine patch but then sewing across diagonally with another square and ending up with triangles. We were asked to make 'butterflies' with them but somehow on the library floor my butterflies flew away and I was left with a snail.
When I got home I made another couple of blocks with the remainder of the patterned fabric and made an arrangement which left me with straight edges and a spiral on the diagonal instead of a spiral on the straight and needing triangles to fill in the gaps.
I am not sure which I prefer?
I think maybe the second, but I would like to find another blue fabric for borders as I have none of this left.
I still find the most tedius part is arranging blocks. I think I have got it laid out so no two colours are together but somehow when your back is turned they have moved!

I really enjoy my days at Rocheberie and would like to thank the members of the committee for all their hard work in arranging things for us.
I am looking forward to the next one to see the variety of completed quilts from this session.
Till next time


Sew Create It - Jane said...

I just *love* how you've run with this and brought a whole other level of design to the table...err...or the floor as the case may be.

You sound sooo inspired...that is thanks enough :o)

Lynda said...

This is looking fabulous! June used your idea and made a medallion quilt from her blocks. Such talented people!