Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year! is it?

New Years Day we had enjoyed the firework display put on by some of our neighbours and loved the many many chinese lanterns that floated over our house before going to bed.
When I woke up at about 8.30 the following morning I was a bit suprised to find the back door locked, but wide open and it was not untill much later I went in the sitting room to discover the TV was missing that I realised the back door being open was not just a oversight on our part but a bigger problem. I went and woke Mr Chaos and we then discovered the Land Rover had been taken too.
When two lots of police have been and told us no finger prints mean probably a professional job, Landy stolen to order probably for a ram raid job, the TV was just a bonus for them, we also discovered damage to the front door but unsucessful entry, and footprints in the garden where the car was parked was the only thing for identification .
Happy New Year! ........ not so much!
But I have to focus on the fact nobody was hurt, burglars came, took what they wanted and left hopefully never to return so..... moving on to quilty things.
This is what I have done this morning. I have unfortunately been awake since 2am mythering probably, so I have had plenty of time to complete these 40 blocks. I have made them from charm squares that were a gift from Rocheberie quilters last christmas and the plain fabric is a beautiful quality sheet which was from my Dads house, it shows no sign of wear and may even have been a wedding gift.
I just plonked them on the kitchen table to photograph them, they are not arranged at all. I am going to have to ask if there are any more of the charm packs available because I really want to make this quite a bit bigger. It needs a narrow cream border followed by a coloured one and then a wider cream one to finish. I see myself quilting simply in the small triangles and a feather in the larger one.
I have a sewing day at Rocheberie to prepare for and a challenge for BQL to plan so plenty to keep me busy. Till next time Liz


webmistress said...

I'm really sad to hear how badly your new year started. Let's hope it's all uphill from here.

Contented Caroline said...

I love this quilt idea Liz - you can have my jelly roll from Rocheberie if you wish - i have been bad and haven't made anything with it yet. Thank you for your comments on my blog - i'm also sorry to hear about your burglary - sounds awful but glad no-was hurt.

Love the hair-do too - I have gone short now too!!