Thursday, 28 May 2015

Just keep quilting, but hopefully not cursing.

A bit like Dory my mantra lately has been just keep .... not swimming but quilting.
 I have made lots of finishes but am unable to blog about them because between Blogger (why is my Blogger account now on a gmail address that I never use?) and F***ing Google with it's new swanky makes no sense to me what so ever and Dropbox no longer working I am almost ready to weep, curse and throw something all at the same time.
I make no apology for foul language, this is my blog and I will curse if I want to.
 And breathe!
I did find a couple of images on my PC but not a finished picture of this quilt. I was asked to do an all over but I just could not find anything satisfactory. To the naked eye or in the flesh I see alternate blocks but once I had seen the secondary pattern I could not unsee it
Quilt path enabled me to plan something I could show my lady, she was happy and gave me the go ahead to quilt like this.
I hope that normal service will resume soon.


Bekah said...

Great design!! Its really pretty - I'm sure it looks great :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Quilting in chaos,
Do you make Quilts to order.

Liz said...

Hi Wendy, you are a no reply blogger. Would you like to contact me by email