Saturday, 12 April 2014

Yes, I have been busy!

Waves on a pirate print for Barbara.
 Roses are red for Beryl.

Super spirals on this for Enid, the camera has sucked all the colour out of it but in the flesh it is amazingly colourful

Two applique quilts for T's grandchildren, some lovely little characters here.

A big one for Holly.

For Bev, with much love.

For Ollie, with much love and best wishes for a good recovery from surgery. Crappy pictures because I have lost my camera and didn't understand the settings on the one I borrowed but this is a stunner and I love the swirls I quilted.

Two more to do before I can concentrate on a couple of projects for show, as well as a couple of little jobs for the theatre so yes I am going to be busy for the next few weeks too.
Till next time
Liz X

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