Friday, 4 October 2013

The big textile show and getting back to business

This was where I spent last weekend.
All set up and ready for action.

The quilts were all chosen to demonstrate something I wanted to discuss in my workshop.
It was a great weekend but I had fretted about it quite a lot and am glad to be all put away and back to what I regard as normality and some quilting. This is a lovely string quilt by Chris, I just put ribbon in the sashing and border and up and down in the blocks with the piecing. I am sure it will bring some colour to some child's life.
Picture taken on the washing line this morning It was a bit blowey and I had to be patient.

Till next time happy quilting. Liz

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Lynda said...

I too was a bit stressed at the thought of being at TBTS all weekend - it was not knowing what to expect, I think. In the event, like you - I had a lovely time.