Friday, 28 June 2013

Finish on a Friday

In 2009 there was chatter about a ciggy quilt, why, I wondered, would anyone make a quilt about cigarettes?
Stupid me! 
Of course Siggys not Ciggys,  a quilt of signatures makes more sense. I made my blocks and posted them off, they were swapped, and these are what I got back plus a couple more from local quilty friends when the arrangement I settled on needed a few more.
This has been a UFO for such a long time, firstly because it took me ages to decide how to put them together and what to do about the inevitable blocks that were too small or squiffy then I stalled because I was short of fabric for the outer 3 inch border, I finally found it at Lady Sew and Sew at Malvern this year.
I plan to put a quilt label with a map of the location of all the block swappers.
So the question to Jane (who encouraged me to take part) is how is your siggy quilt  going?
Till next time


Shirley said...

You have done a great job on it Liz. Some lovely reminders of people on your quilt.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Hahahahaha...You're funny! ciggy quilt or even my siggy quilt is in a box :o)

I really should get it finished!

Love your feathers!!

Lynda said...

I came in at the tail end of the swap and didn't get enough blocks for a whole top. I've used them as part of the backing for my Rocheberie siggy quilt! Double whammy!