Monday, 11 March 2013


P1010172 by logcabinlizzie168
P1010172, a photo by logcabinlizzie168 on Flickr.
Well long time no blog again!  I have had problems with my computer uploading pictures and Blogger is not happy either. The only way I can get photos uploaded is to send them to Flickr one at a time (it won't do more than that) and then upload from there to Blogger but I can only get one picture per post for the time being.
Anyhow just in case you thought I was putting my feet up and twiddling my thumbs here is proof that I have infact been quite busy. Several quilts have been quilted and significant progress has been made on an ancient UFO. I would like all 4 corners to finish like this with a nice sweeping curve. what are the chances... Not great.
I have also been busy hanging my quilts for display in St Andrews church in Rugby town center. As part of their open door project they wanted an artist to use the space to display their work but they didn't know any artists so they asked me, only because I have family connected with the church.
I think I have been patchworking for about 6 years and it has been quite interesting to see all the quilts I have kept in one space and see how I would do things differently now. Not so much fabric choices but definately quilting! The quilts that people are drawn to and those they walk by has also been interesting. They will all need washing when they come home as the church walls and pillars are filthy after the building work last year.
Saturday 16th March is International quilting day and to mark the day St Andrews will be hosting a sewing event from 10am till 2 pm. There will be fabrics cut up ready for sewing together to make quilts for injured servicemen.
 I have no idea whether 2 or 20 people will turn up. It seemed like a good idea at the time but now I am not so sure.
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Your appliqué looks lovely!!