Friday, 1 February 2013

Not just a quilter

I am also an ocasional knitter. I saw this pattern
ages ago and liked it but the recomended yarn is Noro silk garden which dispite its misleading name is disapointingly predominantly wool. It is beautiful, but I can't wear wool without itching. I found a substitute in The Range, it is a poor substitute but at least I will be able to wear it.


Mo said...

knitted myself a jumper many years ago in this pattern, finished it and decided I didn't like the colours so unpicked it all and gave the wool away! Like the technique though, might have a go at the scarf x

Sew Create It - Jane said...

DD1 said to leave a comment that Noro wool is not that nice to work with...or at least she doesn't think maybe it is just as well that you couldn't use it.

Lynda said...

I already knew you weren't just a quilter (!) but this is really impressive!