Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Work in progress Wednesday

A week last monday this was my task from Make a list Monday, to complete Mo's challenge unfortunately as I had had a busy week, it was not a Finish on Friday, not last Friday anyway and I have run out of black thread now so need to go shopping. 
I am not sure what to do with it bag, cushion cover?
This was given to me as a top quite a long time ago and will probably be a Linus quilt. I could have gone to town with the quilting but just did quite a simple panto because I learned some lessons on the red and white quilt.
Wonky stars is now bound in red and I quite like it but ....
In real life the backing that I thought was cute, now it is quilted, can be seen as shadow on the front. If I am daft enough to choose a printed backing with a predominantly white top again, I might use a plain white fabric between the backing and the batting or two layers of batting.
It is quite densly quilted with swirls as a practice piece after enrolling on a Craftsy class with Angela Waters. The class was great, Angela is lovely, the quality of the video is excellent but the dense quilting has turned this piece into cardboard. I am going to have to steel myself and see if washing will soften it. Red, black and white humm, if you see a blue cloud over my house later this morning you will know the dye ran and colour catchers were not man enough for the job.
If you have not already tried a Craftsy class here is the page of quilty ones, I can recomend the ones I have tried and have a list of ones I want to do in the future. There are freebie classes and clips so you can see what you will be getting and they are available for ever, no time limit to view.
Nothing beats a quilty get together, but I think these are good value.
Happy quilting


Sew Create It - Jane said...

I love the quilting on that red and white quilt. I haven't seen a blue cloud yet...hope it washed up ok.

Lynda said...

I very much agree that heavily quilted quilts aren't as snuggly as ones with simpler quilting. But love those spirals!