Monday, 25 June 2012

Not much to blog about

We recently said goodbye to Master Chaos no 1, he will be spending the next two years working in Cape Cod. I was snapped between my lovely boys I am 5ft 8 inches and yes I am wearing high heels.
I have been dressmaking and bag making from gifted fabric and gifting them back but I have eventually finnished this Linus quilt I put together at a session run by Lynda, the feathers in the purple triangles saved it for me.

 I made a bag from leftover fabric from a baby quilt I made some time ago. I messed up rollng on the panto and had lots of free space so filled it with echo quilting and vermichelli. I like it much better than if I had got it right first time and may be my bag of choice for a while.

 I had this top in the waiting pile,it was a donated to Project Linus, and had to prove to myself that I could roll on a panto properly. In real life it is more red not orange as it appears here, so I like it and may be a little reluctant to see it go.
 I had planned to start quilting a quilt but find I have no suitable thread, so rarely happens, so have just placed an order and with a wing and a prayer it will arrive midweek so I can make a start.
Till next time, Liz


Sew Create It - Jane said...

I see you are keeping yourself busy :o) The Linus quilt is lovely and will no doubt bring comfort to a little one.

Lynda said...

You have been busy! the Linus wuilt looks great - amazing what someone with flair can do with orphan blocks!