Thursday, 5 April 2012

New York Beauty Blocks

I tried a couple of new techniques yesterday while confined to barracks waiting for a delivery that never arrived, even though I phoned in the morning to check, Grrr. Anyhow I tried foundation piecing with freezer paper and using fabric glue instead of pinning pieces together.
 Using glue to join pieces together is something I will be doing again. I enjoy hand sewing these curves together but it is a lot quicker by machine so thank you Jane for the idea and sorry I can't remember the name for it. I did find the glue stick gave too much glue at a time so I will either need to cut a greater seam allowance or use an applicator of some kind.
I think I will be returning to my old method of stitching through paper for these foundation blocks as I think the points came out more accurately that way but I would concider using the freezer paper method if I ever get around to making a storm at sea quilt as the accuracy needed there is less important. I saw Dorothy was using this technique for making Log Cabin blocks very neatly and I like the idea and will be storing it for future use.
Only one more block for the set of NYB blocks but what can you do with 10 blocks? I think I will be drafting some of my own to add to them.

Till next time

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

The technique is Piec-lique by Sharon Schamber

You do need to make your seam allowances a little bigger and then trim them down once the curve is stitched in place.

When you next place an order with Creative Grids it is worth getting the Roxanne Glue Baste It as it comes with a fine applicator and is more precise than the stick glue.

Your NYB are looking fab...I think 2 more rounding it to 12 blocks would provide more options for setting them out.