Thursday, 17 November 2011

A charity quilt, a baby quilt and a quilt for Doreen

I put spiky flowers all over this quilt which is going to Africa.

I have completed a brushed cotton quilt (which looks a bit odd in this light) for the baby of my dental nurse who was one of my students many years ago.

This is what Doreen gave me last month, it is a UFO from her stash.

I am not sure why she did not fall in love with this and complete it and I think there must be more fabric somewhere but I suspect it may be unfinnished because it is a bit busy. I thought it needed some consistancy in the sashing and stars. I think this picture is a bit dark but the stars stand out nicely. I do hope she likes what I have done for her.

Till next time



Sew Create It - Jane said...

That last picture doesn't do that quilt really is stunning in person :o)

Bet Doreen was thrilled!

Liz said...

Can you believe it Doreen was not there!