Thursday, 15 October 2009

Not quilty but a cause for celebration

I promise you will never have to see my feet again but I needed proof that I have done it.
When I got on the scales and I weighed 13st 13 3/4lbs I was a bit horrified and decided I did not want to be 14 st and had to do something about it.
I did do something (mostly not eat fattening foods between meals and use a small plate at tea time) and today here is the proof I have lost 3 stone. Yay When I started I could not have seen 3 st as an achievable weight loss goal (and I am usually really poor at sticking to diets) but first half a stone then stone by stone it goes. I am still only just inside "normal" weight for my height so I think 10st 10lbs will be the next goal by christmas.
On the fabric side of life I have made myself a dress this week from some fabric I bought on e-bay. I like t-shirt dresses at the moment, with plenty of stretch, I have given away almost all my clothes because they are too big and I dont have a lot of money to replace them so t-shirt dresses are a good solution. I would love to find a good dressmaker locally who could help me with fitting I would like to make some flattering trousers but I can't see the back and Hubby really won't do!
I am off to the model engineering exhibition today so I will have a good day, hope you do to Liz

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